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New Online Backup Pricing for 2010!
No upload or download bandwidth fees! No file I/O charges! 10GB of storage included for free!
AVG Anti-Virus 9.0
The latest version of AVG Anti-Virus is now available. If you have a 8.5 license call us today to see about upgrading to 9.0 for free!
Winter Cleanup Special!
Winter is here! We realize that many people spend more time on their PCs during the winter months. As such were offering 10% off our bench cleanup services for Jan & Feb! Call today to bring your computer back to maximum performance!
Maintenance Contract Renewal Time
Give us a call and find out the many benefits of a maintenance contract, including: discounts on hardware, discounts on other services, and priority support.

Web Hosting

BitRadius, LLC provides a number of web hosting packages as well as the services that are often required for a successful web presence.

Our hosting packages are provided on Linux servers running the latest software. If we are missing something your site needs we'll be happy to add it to our servers. We maintain our own dedicated servers so you'll find top-notch support and reliability in each and every one of our hosting plans.

Hosting Plans
Plan Basic Deluxe Premium
Price * $ 5.95/month $ 10.95/month $ 15.95/month
Storage 1024 MB 2048 MB 4096 MB
Bandwidth 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB
Mailboxes 150 300 600
Sub-domains 5 10 20
Perl No Yes Yes
SSL Support No No Yes
PHP 5 Yes
24/7 FTP Yes
Nightly Backup Yes
Spam Filtering Yes
Virus Filtering Yes
SPF Policy Yes
Domain Keys Yes
Technical Support Yes
á La Carte
Storage $ 5.00/month per 500 MB
Mailboxes $ 2.00/month per 50 Mailboxes
Extra Bandwidth $ 0.50/month per 1 GB
Sub-domains $ 3.00/month per 5 Sub-domains
SSL Support $ 5.00/month
Domain Name Registrations
We will manage your domain name registration and provide you with a "private" registration so that you are protected from junk mail and other scams originating from your domain name registration.
.com $ 14.95/year
.net / .info / .ca $ 13.95/year
.org / .mobi / .biz / .ws / .eu $ 17.95/year
.us / .me / .asia / .cc $ 24.95/year
.tv $ 49.95/year
SSL Certificates
All SSL Certificates come with a validation seal for display on your site.
Verifies domain name and domain name control.
Single Domain** $ 59.95/year
Wildcard *** $ 249.95/year
Verifies your organization's identity, the validity of your request and the overall legitimacy of your business. (Greenbar)
Single Domain** $ 124.95/year


Please note that all hosting services are billed under the name HostManager a DBA of BitRadius, LLC.

* Discounts up to 35% off available if paying quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

** Single Domain SSL Certitifcates secure only the domain name and www.domain. Example: and

*** Wildcard SSL Certificates allow for an unlimited number of sub-domains to use the certificate. Example:,, could all be secured by the same certificate without additional cost.

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